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Announcing Full Review

FullNet247 is excited to announce a new feature: FullReview, safe solutions for the family and your church.  

The impact that technology makes on the current day is estounding. It can simplify our ever day process. But along with the great rewards of technology comes the concerns of the potiental impact on families and our churches. This is where FullNet247 comes in.

FullNet247 will be providing solutions and opinions on topics concerning technology that effects our families and our churches. Topics for the family will include solutions like “Safe internet usuage” and “Is social networking good or bad”. We will also include topics for the church, like “What is the best solutions for lyric projection” or “Is the information I store in my membership software secure”.

Along with reviews and opinions, FullNet247 has established relationships with specific vendors that provide the necessary tools to maximize your use of technology.  

FullReview, solutions for safe use of technology.

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