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Going Live

We are really excited to finally bring Full Review live.  We have anticipated implementing this site for the last few years, and today it begins.  

It is amazing how the internet has become so intertwined in our daily lives.  Ignoring it will not make it go away, go ahead and try to avoid it; it will not be an easy task.  The truth is it has simplified many aspects of our lives. But with this giant accessibility to the information superhighway comes a need for a few safe guards to protect you and your home.  Over time we will bring many applications and various practices that can help along the way.  We will try and keep it in small bits so it is easier to implement the various solutions.  One thing to keep in mind, there are no silver bullets for protection from dangers that may exist on the internet. But if you take the time to apply a few small principles or practices you can really make a difference in how the world outside your home can affect your family through technology.

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