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Knowing where to begin is the hardest part when trying to protect your family from the dangers that exist on the internet. One of the best solutions is also onOpenDNS FamilyShielde of the least expensive, in fact it is free. When it comes to technology protection is applied in layers. The first layer is teaching and accountability but the next step is to filter your internet usage between the internet and your firewall (you may also call it a router) and our suggestion is OpenDNS.

OpenDNS is the one solution I would not do without when it comes to protecting my family on the internet. With just a few steps you can setup OpenDNS with one of two options. You can set it up directly on your computer on you can protect the whole family by setting it up on the firewall. OpenDNS will provide the necessary directions. What is really nice is the features that OpenDNS provides, not only can you block specific sites but you can filter out content based on subjects like Alcohol, Nudity, Video Sharing, Lingerie/Bikini and Weapons just to name a few. This is one solution that would be worth paying someone to setup for you if you’re not sure just what to do.



Thanks for featuring OpenDNS! In addition to offering Web content filtering, we also make your Internet faster, and protect you from phishing and some types of malware. We think it’s the best solution out there for protecting your family.

If you or your readers ever have any questions about using OpenDNS, I’m happy to help :)

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